8th Beckwith Bash Sat Aug 20, 2016

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 Eric Fresia, a spicy blend of Folk, Blues, Latin, African, Reggae and Roots Music.

After 10 years of performing with with Sam and Charlotte, as Fresia and the Offsprings and then Fresia, we are putting the trio on the back burner for now. With 7 indepenent albums behind me, I am currently  writing and recording a new solo album #8 to be released at the 2016 Beckwith Bash.  20 years ago I started performing at open mics, moving on to a celtic group, solo performer, 8 piece band with horns, 4 piece roots band and many fun years playing with my kids. I am thrilled to be moving on to solo shows,  touring again and continued work producing our small independent music festival.

Over the years I have had so many amazing musical moments with Sam and Charlotte, in 2012 we released our latest double album as a trio, they always have been and always will be the tightest band I have played with. 

” Night and Day is a collision of styles driving down distant roads past ballrooms, juke joints and campfires under a canopy of stars”

In 2006 a home schooling experience became a musical partnership when singer songwriter Eric Fresia decided to include two of his children as band members while traveling through Mexico. With a small marimba for his daughter Charlotte  and a djembe for his son Sam , the new trio quickly charmed their audiences with Eric’s repertoire of mixed languages and genres, Mexicans and travelers alike. Upon their return to Canada, Eric tested his new band Fresia & the Offsprings at the Halifax Atlantic Jazz Festival for the release of his third CD, and the trio has been busy ever since.
The roads since Mexico have taken the trio on a 4 month tour of North America, the release of 5 CD’s, a three month tour of the Southeastern US along with continued touring of Eastern Canada. Some festivals they have played at include the Winnipeg Folk, Guelph Hillside, Stan Rogers, Lunenburg Folk,  Evolve, Riverfront Jubilee, Dewey Balfa Heritage Week and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festivals.

The music of  Fresia,  draws on people, languages and cultures from their many travels. It does not follow rules or set limits, slipping easily from one style to the next. Having two singer songwriters in the group gives their music a refreshing depth and diversity and the family ties keeps it intimate. The band consists of Sam Fresia laying down intricate beats on a simple percussion rig, while his sister Charlotte captivates audiences with piano, mandolin and smooth vocals. Eric Fresia rounds out the trio with a steady guitar and powerful vocals backed by years of experience. The trio performs a collection of originals and classics mixing blues, folk, cajun, latin and african rhythms to create a warm engaging sound

Eric Fresia;  finalist in the 2004 John Lennon Songwriting Contest World Music category with “Gabriela”

2005 ECMA Roots Music Stage Showcase

Charlotte Fresia  finalist in the 2010 International Songwriters Contest under 18 category with ” Wash Those Tears “


” Night and Day ” Fresia   2012

previous albums by Fresia and the Offsprings

” Living Respect ”   2009

” Fresia & the Offsprings ”  2007

previous albums by Eric Fresia

” Red Rock Road ”    2006

” Down at the Opera ”   2004

” Whistle and Crow ”  1999

Photos by CatherineBussiere

Background Photo by Haley Anne MacPhee