Eric Fresia

Shows 2017

Friday Nights 7-9 pm no cover, Tatamagouch Brewery, Tatamagouch NS

sat aug 19, Beckwith Bash, Beckwith NS all day event

Eric Fresia’s 8th album is a stripped down honest portrayal of 30 years as a singer songwriter. Inspired by a 6 month journey in 2015 from London to Morocco, with influences of time spent living in Provence, Barcelona and Andalusia along with echos of North African blues and Moroccan rhythms. Eric’s new album is one mic, one voice and one guitar and a songbook filled with stories from the road. After years of trying different bands from a 4 piece roots/rock band  to an 8 piece world music ensemble and 10 years of touring as a trio  with two of his children, its time to perform these new songs solo , just the way they were written. The new album will be released at the 8th Beckwith Bash music festival August 20th 2016 in the Fresia’s back yard.


Eric Fresia


Over the years I have had so many amazing musical moments with Sam and Charlotte and in 2012 we released this double album as a trio. They always have been and always will be the tightest band I have played with. -Eric

night and dayNight and Day

Recorded as ‘Fresia’ in 2012, Night and Day is a collision of styles driving down distant roads past ballrooms, juke joints and campfires under a canopy of stars.

Having two singer songwriters in the group gives the music a refreshing depth and diversity and the family ties keep it intimate.

living respectLiving Respect

Recorded as ‘Fresia and the Offsprings’ in 2009 the music draws on people, languages and cultures from our many travels. It does not follow rules or set limits, slipping easily from one style to the next.

In 2006 a home schooling experience became a musical partnership when singer songwriter Eric Fresia decided to include two of his children as band members while traveling through Mexico.

Fresia & the Offsprings

Recorded as ‘Fresia and the Offsprings’ in 2007, the band consists of Sam Fresia laying down intricate beats on a simple percussion rig, sister Charlotte captivates listeners with her fresh piano and smooth vocals and Eric Fresia rounds out the trio with a steady guitar and powerful vocals backed by years of experience.

Red Rock Road is Eric Fresia’s third album. The vocals are rich and intoxicating with silky smooth back up vocals by Ambera Wellmann and brings together songs written while performing with an 8 piece band and tightened up further by performing and then recording with a 4 piece folk rock reggae outfit.

Red Rock Road

Recorded live off the floor at the Sonic Temple in Halifax Nova Scotia, this album saw the first song ( Rock Patio Monkey) recorded with Sam and Charlotte Fresia.  Another of Eric’c Albums filled with stories and accounts of real life, Red Rock Road also has a running theme through out with the trio of songs Cowboy Cafe , Cougar Canyon and the Lizard Lounge.

Down at the Opera is a blend of world music crossing many borders backed by a big band sound. It cements Eric Fresia place as a singer songwriter willing to push his musical creations to new places with every recording. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Down at the Opera

Eric Fresia’s second album was recorded live off the floor at Red Fish Audio in the Lunenburg Opera House and followed by many sessions of overdubs and tracks by many excellent musicians. Songs mixed by Dave Hillier at the Sonic Temple in Halifax, Nova Scotia, along with more vocals and tracks create a well polished album. Down at the Opera was released in June of 2004 during a string of summer shows with one of the highlights being a performance with that 8 piece band at the Atlantic Jazz Festival and receiving a standing ovation.

Eric Fresia’s debut album recorded at Denmark Productions. This is a collection of the best of 14 years of songwriting and a dream to bring it all together on one album. The cd also features layers of percussion by Eric and Cathy Porter that drives this music along with a nice tempo.

Whistle and Crow

14 years of songwriting poured into a debut album, still thought to be one of Eric’s best.